But it’s a bit more complicated than that. SPACE OPERA EPISODE VIII will help you tell stories in the same vein as our culture’s gigantic space elephant. That may not mean that much: a lot of games have spilled ink on trying to make that sort of game, so why make SPACE OPERA? What does adding yet another game to the library do?

Good question!

SPACE OPERA EPISODE VIII is about getting the feel of said space elephant down.

You can play in the space elephant’s setting if you wish, but SPACE OPERA EPISODE VIII is far more interested in gameplay that generates that type of story. Mechanics are collaborative and fast, with an emphasis on rapid character development. At each step of the way all the players have a say in what happens, with the GM helping keep tone and pacing consistent.

SPACE OPERA EPISODE VIII always begins and ends in media res, allowing players to help craft the setting as they go. Each session is self-contained; stories can be begun and dropped with ease. Pacing is zippy and focused, creating a complete arc in very little time. You can return to the same characters for another session, but SPACE OPERA is meant to conclude one arc, in one session.

SPACE OPERA EPISODE VIII includes a full toolbox for creating your own science fantasy settings in a very short amount of time, complete with your own spaceships and weapons. Generate your own worlds as you play!

SPACE OPERA EPISODE VIII is currently in alpha testing.

Download the playtest PDF here!